Sunday, June 12, 2011

Field Trips study ^^

After the trips i found out i more interesting in "British" how they started to paved the way for British intervention in Malaya.
This is "The Pangkor treaty of 1874" was a treaty signed between the Sir Andrew Clarke on behalf of the British and Raja Abdullah of Perak. It was signed on January 20, 1874 on the island of Pangkor off Perak. Thus, the name of the agreement.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Web Design 2, Moodboard

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Web Design 2, GanttChart & Sitemap

>>Gantt Chart


Web design 2, Beautiful and useful websites

4 Beautiful websites

~interesting design view on this website.
~Navigation is suitable for it.
~feel like driving motor on this website.
~Hierarchy on content is very clear to bring out the meaning.

~interesting navigation can rotate
~Background flash show the restaurant place
~Nice Treatment and overall design quite attractive

~Nice treatment on navigation
~Style is suitable for overall design

~Very friendly user can let audience choose many language.
~Interesting on background flash advertisement.
~Beauty style on layout.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Web Design 2, Sharing

Html/java script/Css tutorials:

1. HTML codes

2.JavaScript Tutorial

3.Css Tutorial

4.XML tutorial

Design Tutorials

1.3D text design

2.Ligthing and abstract

Web Design 2, Competitor's website

Competitor's Website >> Souled Out

  • Simple layout design
  • Use many box can try curve shape
  • Navigation put to vivid and no hierarchy at home page
  • Roll over effect at navigation can enchant

  • Nice design at overall but spacing between navigation and content can be closer.
  • Interesting menu book at cafe page but can try make it bigger.
  • Navigation word can be bigger.
  • Information font size and bottom contact font size need adjust to make focus point contrast.

  • Hierarchy at this website quite good look delicious when saw this website.
  • Navigation design need enchant.
  • The style quite suitable for it.

  • Sound effect is match for this website.
  • Roll over effect is interesting like fishing.
  • Typo color can try others.
  • History page interesting got put some design will make audience not so boring.

Web Design 2, Redesign Commercial Website , Souled Out

My Client is Souled Out

Bottom will have analysis after pictures

Souled Out>>Home Page

About Us Pages>>The Soul>>Corporate Profile

The Style Pages>>Dining Experience

The Style Pages>>Our Menu

The Style Pages>>So Wine

The Style Pages>>Woodfired Pizza

The Scene Pages>>Promotions

The Scene Pages>>Functions

Contact Us>> Contact Details

  • No Focus point at home page content can try arrange it hierarchy.
  • Can try highlight focus point.
  • Too many black at word maybe can try other colors.
  • picture can try make it move like flash or use lightbox.
  • Navigation use word only maybe can make it like icon.